Say Goodbye to Fruitflies

I encounter fruit flies in so many kitchens, including my own, so I finally tried a combination of methods people have told me about…and it’s working! If you’re ready to say goodbye to fruitflies, here’s the recipe for success.

What you need:

  • mason jar or glass
  • rubber band
  • drop of liquid soap
  • 2 tablespoons(ish) apple cider vinegar
  • small dab of honey (1/4 teaspoon or less is fine)
  • piece of plastic
  • scissors

How to make your fruitfly trap:

  1. put a drop of liquid soap in the glass or jar
  2. put in enough apple cider vinegar to cover the bottom of the container
  3. put a dab of honey into the liquid mixture
  4. stretch the the plastic over the mouth of the glass or jar
  5. hold one hand over the plastic and mouth of the jar, then push the center of the plastic down until it almost touches the liquid
  6. cut a hole just big enough for the flies to get in (you don’t want them grabbing a to-go meal and flying back out!)
  7. put the plastic back on the jar
  8. put the rubber band over the top of the plastic
  9. adjust as necessary so the hole is in the center at the bottom of the plastic, near the liquid

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Voila! Your fruit fly trap is complete. Just put it near where you see the most fruit flies, make sure you keep your kitchen spotless, and watch the little buggers pile up in your sweet little cup!

I’d love to hear your cleaning tips and tricks ~ e-mail me, leave a comment or share on my Facebook page.


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