The Cyclamen

My winter friend

There’s a small plant in my kitchen window – a cyclamen – with delicious, bright red flowers that stand straight up. It’s January and it’s been blooming for about 4 months. I can’t put into words how happy this little plant makes me, especially on our gloomy, gray western Washington days.

This plant doesn’t just keep blooming because it wants to, because it feels so joyous it wants to share it’s joy through flowers with the world. It keeps blooming because I pay attention to it. Every day I pluck the flowers it’s dropped, if the leaves are drooping I water it, but make sure not to water it too much. If the leaves look a little yellow, I add a bit of fertilizer to it’s water.

I realized this morning that this little plant is like me, likely like all of us. We would all like to bloom every day, show up straight and tall and joyous each morning to the eyes that are laid upon us. We would like to be healthy and vibrant.

But we can want all day and if we don’t take care of ourselves, make sure we have enough nutrients, water, light, attention, we’ll droop, drop our flowers, and eventually shrivel up.

I realized I’m basically a mind and life gardener. As a home organizer, I help you repot your life. We take out soil that isn’t nurturing the you you want to be, we surround your roots with items that bring you joy so you can flourish, both in your home and out in the world. We create a space where you get enough light and nutrients.

I love this work. I love the people who are drawn to work with me. I love my cyclamen 🙂

Just thought I’d share my little epiphany!

Happy gardening – outdoors and indoors!