Usher in Springtime with these 5 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

Welcome to Springtime! The official first day of Spring is March 20, but in my mind there are three signs the season has changed:

  1. The first daffodil has poked it’s head up
  2. My kayak seems to be crying out to me from it’s place in the garage
  3. I have an urge to open my doors to let the sun in and the old air out

With the desire to let the sunshine in comes a desire to shake things up a bit, to refresh my life. To do this, I know spring cleaning my home is always the best place to start.

Here are 5 simple spring cleaning ideas to welcome in the new season and the new beginnings it represents:

  1. Open windows and doors, even for a little while. This clears out unseen toxins in the air that build up when homes are shut tight. Unless you have the greenest of homes, many home items off-gas things that are best shooed out of the house. Open up windows or doors on opposite sides of the house to pull air through, then let fresh air clear the rooms, your lungs and your spirit!
  2. Clear clutter! Give yourself a doable time frame to clear all the easy, visible clutter in the house (or choose to do one room). Here are the steps I like to take:
    • Put on a podcast, favorite song or playlist
    • Turn phone to silent and set it somewhere it won’t distract from the task at hand
    • Find a clothes hamper or an easy-to-carry box
    • Pick up all the easiest clutter items and put them in the basket or box.
    • Don’t let yourself get distracted! Just put the items in the basket
    • When the basket is full, systematically put items where they belong – if you come across items that need to be dealt with ASAP, make a pile and deal with them AFTER you’ve cleared the easy clutter.
    • When the song, album or podcast is done and you’ve put things where they belong, congratulate yourself on a job well done, no matter how few or how many things you put away.
  3. Get rid of clothes. You know, those jeans that just never quite fit right, the shirt that never gets worn – it’s time to say goodbye to the old and unworn and say hello to the things you love! It helps to have a place in mind where you feel good about donating items – you can look up the local women’s shelter or, if you’re in Kitsap, contact me for ideas. This sends a message to the universe saying, “Bring on the good life!”  Clothes that can go:
    • If you haven’t worn it in the last year
    • If it has stains, tears, missing buttons or broken zippers
    • Missing socks (I know, you LOVE that one and the other might turn up…let it go)
    • If you never really liked it, or you liked it once but now…not so much
    • If you don’t feel good in them – really, it’s time to love yourself as you are RIGHT NOW and loving your clothes will help!
    • If it doesn’t fit (ok, if you MUST, keep a small box of clothes for an allotted time and if you come across it in your next cleanup, it’s time to let it go, but write today’s date on the box!)
  4. Move the furniture and vacuum underneath. If your space feels perfect just as it is, great! You can still clear old energy (and dust bunnies) by moving furniture and vacuuming underneath. If your space feels off, or you feel out of sorts, try standing back to look with new eyes at a room – if something jumps out as out of place, cluttered or just doesn’t fit, listen to that and move things around and clean around the space.

On, feng shui expert Amanda Gibby Peters says,”…instead of de-cluttering an entire house in a weekend, identify the most acute source of frustration and that space becomes your starting point. The beautiful thing about shui is simply cleaning + rearranging even the smallest space allows refreshments into your life. The vibrational quality of your house shifts + your energy is revitalized, and pretty soon, there is a balanced energy slaloming through your home.”

5. Put fresh flowers around your house. This is a way of welcoming the outdoors in, and a simple but beautiful way of making your home feel fresh and beautiful.

Welcome to springtime! With a few simple steps, ushering in this refreshing season can bring a shift in both your home, your health and your outlook.

What are your favorite spring cleaning rituals? To share and for more organizing tips, inspiration and funny quips, find Spring on Facebook.

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Happy Organizing!