Are you drowning in overwhelm? Does just thinking about your home or a space in your home give you anxiety? Are you ready for freedom?

You’ve come to the right place!

My passion is helping women move from chaos to peace, from feeling stuck to finding joy, from feelings of overwhelm to feeling in control of their “stuff.”

I’m completely nonjudgmental and work with your specific needs. I trained with Marie Kondo and often use her techniques, but I have years of experience as a professional home organizer and tailor each organizing session to you, whether in person or over the phone.

The only complaint I’ve had is that clients wish they’d called me sooner!

You aren’t alone ~ check out the testimonials page to learn about others I’ve worked with.

Ready to learn how to transform your space and take control of your life? Contact me today – there’s no time like the present to start the rest of your life!

I’m offering phone and Zoom organizing sessions during this time of Covid-19. These are extremely effective hour-long calls that will help you move through your clutter to find freedom and peace on the other side.



There is no time like the present to become a happier, more organized person! Contact me today:

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I’m completely nonjudgemental and our work together is confidential.

We all need help sometimes ~ asking for help is a sign of strength and a great gift to yourself. I’m excited to meet you just as you are and to help you become the person you dream of.

Many clients are embarrassed or feel a need to clean before I come ~ please know I accept and care for you as you are. I don’t expect or need your house to be clean. It’s helpful to NOT have your house clean when I come so I can see what your life is truly like and we can create systems to help.


I take items to people in need whenever possible. These are some organizations I donate to ~ please tell me if you have another favorite organization!

  • Coffee Oasis – homeless youth shelter, youth job training
  • St. Vincent de Paul – women’s shelter, men’s shelter, food bank
  • Kitsap Humane Society – pet supplies
  • Habitat for Humanity – building and home improvement supplies, helps provide new homes
  • Abraham’s House & Emanuel’s House – furniture and household items free to people in need
  • Friends of the Library – raise money for community programs
  • Georgia’s House – women’s and children’s supplies and clothes

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